A job board to find Data Science and Analytics Jobs

Data Science Jobs

SaiDataScienceJobs.com is a part of Chandra jobs Network. As an independent recruiter, I was trying to place a candidate for Data Engineer role. It was a difficult task irrespective of the position being remote for anyone to apply across the US.

Surprisingly, most of the CV’s I received was from freshers who had just completed their Masters in Analytics/Data Science courses in the Universities across the US. There are several online courses offering data science and machine learning courses and when professionals complete these courses, they try to find an opportunity for transition as Data Scientist.

So I decided to make a simple job board for Analytics and Data Science jobs. So here it is.

Send me your CV if you are looking for openings in Data Science/AI/Analytics – [email protected]

Why I dedicate job boards and my recruitment service to my Father?


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